High heels & Divine elevation.



Hello lovelies,happy Sunday,how u doing?*in Wendy Williams’ voice*. Hope your day went well? Mine was just fine.Went to church & was moved to share with you all a striking homily the priest delivered,but before that…

My mum recently bought several pairs of lovely high-heeled shoes,so I was dressing for church & spotted a pair I thought would go really well with my outfit & decided to ‘launch’ them for her,so I ‘climbed’ into them & off we went. The short distance from the car park to the main church I had to cling to mum’s arm for support. I said “mummy,I doubt you can survive these heels o,u better ‘dash’ them to me,if you wear them eh,you’ll be looking for your legs later”,She gave me a look & speedily assured me that she would be just fine. You know the type of shoes that make you have to mentally brace yourself before getting up to go for holy communion or offertory? I’ve never seen anyone marched off to kirikiri prison for wearing flat shoes. Hmm..I should embrace them more.

The homily was about divine elevation.Amongst other things the priest said that some of us do not wait for God’s time & try to force our elevation by cutting corners. Positions attained or things acquired through dubious means like bribery,cheating,diabolism etc, always come with repercussions not just for us but for the society & ends in stagnation sometimes. Alot of our politicians did not earn their positions but bribed their way through, they end up lacking the qualities needed to propel the society forward,resulting in a never ending cycle of poverty,stagnation & the likes. He encouraged us not to force our elevation but to wait on the Lord for Divine elevation that comes with no regrets or downside. He also said that every relationship should elevate us not bring us down,this applies even to men of God. We should relate with them in a way that helps them grow not strip them.
Yes,we already know a lot of these things we hear in church but a reminder never does any harm. Goodnight everyone and have a good week.


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