I’ve been meaning to do a post about the green smoothie. Oh yeah,it’s all the rage right now,though some might argue that it’s been around for awhile but its suddenly getting a lot of attention & it’s very healthy indeed. It’s a mix of 60% fruit & 40% green vegetables. Blend in stages to avoid leafy chunks,use raw natural sweetners,that’s adding naturally sweet fruit to any smoothie that tastes bitter,fruits like banana,mango,apples,pears and pineapples especially. Avoid artificial sweetners and processed sugars My mum recently made a smoothie of  watermelon,banana,avacado,cucumber,berries,green apple,broccoli plus ginger & garlic!hers’ was more of a fruit smoothie than a green one,I should have taken a picture & put it up,totally slipped my mind. I planned to drink a little till I saw the ginger & garlic go in…changed my mind fast,lol. I took a tiny sip though & it was alright.You can make it your own & put in whatever works for you,but remember to maintain a balance between the fruit & vegetable proportion so its’ tasty & not bitter,its’ meant to be enjoyed afterall.

I know this blog isn’t much to look at yet,i’m still finding my ‘legs’. Hopefully it’ll transform into all it can be soon,so In the meantime please bear with me oo my people. Please drop your comments & have a great weekend.


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