Still reaching for your dream or LIVING your dream?


This Is your life, are you who you want to be? Is it everything you dreamed that it would be, when the world was younger & you had everything to lose. 

Lyrics from a song by Switchfoot. A lovely song I was Singing to myself which triggered a bit of self evaluation. How is the story of YOUR life coming along? Is it coming along nicely? Are there a few bumps in the road? Do you feel like everything is spiraling out of control? Whatever your story, remember delay is  not denial, though the vision tarries, wait for it, it shall come to pass.

You might still be a work in progress but someday you are going to go past reaching and LIVE your dream and much more if you work at it. I could make a speech that would give Fela Durotoye a run for his money.( in my mind). I could tell you to rise, rise, rise like a phoenix from the ashes,shed your old skin like a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly and all such talk. Oh, I could make a stirring speech indeed, but haven’t you heard it all before? So I’ll just say, this is your life, Is this everything you dreamed that it would be? No? Well make a move today.

May the good Lord  give us gélé to rock in our prime, not when old age has tilted our necks off to the side. A yoruba saying/prayer I heard from a friend once that I found absolutely hilarious.


Talking about Switchfoot got me thinking about songs, you know how a good song is very calming and brightens your day? It gives you a burst of energy, you see the world in bright colors while it plays. That song that speaks to your situation so much you almost  feel like it was written for you? It feels like so much more than just a song. Every Coldplay song has that effect on me. Again, you know how you love a song for awhile and then one day you listen to it and It’s just a song again  because you have moved past that situation in your life where it spoke to you? yeah, happens to me too.You know how some people say they only listen to gospel music because it feeds their soul and they get nothing from circular music? Deep! I like that but I have to say that my all -time favourite song is ‘Don’t panic’ by Coldplay. Also like ‘Clocks’, still by Coldplay. I’d like a peek into the mind of Chris Martin, It must be lovely to have a mind that brings forth such rich and soothing music.

What song does it for you?

So I see that I’m getting views but no comments, please drop your comments. I’d like your feedback on ways to improve my blog. It only takes a moment. Looking forward to reading from you. Have a lovely day.


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