So you want to be THAT girl? With the perfect hair, great clothes, winning smile, gleaming teeth, smart replies, great attitude – the works, to just be that total package – Miss Fabulosity, so to speak.

Well, the way I see it, fabulosity is really more of an attitude, a state of mind more than it is your outward physical appearance.
When you truly start believing that you are fabulous in every way, an awesome creature, created by the Good Lord, only then will your outer beauty really matter,when it matches that inner awesomeness shining through, that magical glow, that radiant light that everyone can see emanating from inside you. There will be no doubt about your utter fabulosity then, because you’ll be breaking new grounds, exceeding expectations, shining bright and just living your BEST life in every way imaginable.

Then, everything else including that effortlessly chic look would just be icing on the cake.
So, let’s start over- Hello, have you met me yet? I’m Miss Fabulosity, who are YOU?


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