Book Of The Week : Chickensoup for the soul.



A most delightful series of books. I’ve read three of them & they were all so enriching. By far my favourite non-fiction book, chicken soup for the soul has something everyone can relate to,covering a wide range of relatable issues on love, attitude, living your dream, marriage ,motherhood, making a difference, overcoming obstacles, achieving dreams & special moments.I particularly loved the ‘chickensoup for the woman’s soul’ series. Very soothing, calming & reassuring. Written by jack canfield, mark hansen, Jennifer Hawthorne & Marci Shimoff.


Personality Of The Week : Hakeem Bello Osagie


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Listed as the 40th richest man in Africa Hakeem Bello Osagie is currently the chairman of Etisalat Nigeria where he holds a 12% stake. He has worked for the government in various capacities including a brief stint at NNPC, Secretary of the Oil policy review & LNG communities, Special assistant to the minister of Petroleum & energy, he set up CTIC, a leading energy consulting firm in 1986.Until recently he served as chairman of the board of directors of UBA Plc.
In 1998 he bought 51% of UBA from the Nigerian government & sold for 120 million dollars in 2004.

Starting as a petroleum economist & a lawyer he diversified into several businesses including energy, finance & telecommunications. He is the founder & former chairman of First Securities Discount House , Nigeria’s leading money markets & treasury bill trading financial services firm. He is also the chairman, board of directors of the Abuja investment Company.he also chairs Chocolate city group, a leading entertainment company in Nigeria & serves on the board  of timbuktu media. He is a huge donor to the African Leadership Academy (ALA) an institution that works to turn out Africa’s brightest students.

He holds an MBA from Harvard business school, a law degree from Cambridge university & an M.A. in politics, philosophy & economics from Oxford University.

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‘Good’ Girls Finish Last?


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I bet you are familiar with this story, chances are you know someone who never deviated, never derailed from the straight & narrow path, never cast a backward glance at worldly engagements, marched ever onwards, dotted her i’s & crossed her t’s, kept her eye firmly on the prize. She ticked all the right boxes & so felt entitled to cross her arms & wait for life to serve her a heaped plate of the best it had to offer since she followed all the good girl rules right? Wrong!!
She jumped up at the crack of dawn to rush to class for the good seats in front, paid close attention, studied till the words ran together before her eyes while her mates lived it up.
Fastforward to a few years & those good time girls are doing well & happy with their lot in life.
This was not the plan, this wasn’t how it was supposed to end, what was it all for?
She was not supposed to be the one that would wind up just another worker ant pushing files & slaving away at a  job where she got no satisfaction. Who said life was fair? Life had shortchanged her & in a big way too!

Life is a little like the landowner in the book of Matthew that hired workers to work in his vineyard, some starting earlier than others & consequently working longer hours only to be paid the same wages of one denarius with the latecomers much to their dismay, the early workers grumbled to the landowner who replied “l am not being unjust to you,… “have I no right to do what I like with my own? Why be envious because I am generous?”
Life is generous to all, be assured that life still has good ‘money’ with your name on it, not just some change. No, you didn’t get shortchanged, life is just taking it’s sweet time getting to you.

Óni gbesé.


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A friend was telling me how she managed to get her money back from her ex-boyfriend after ages of delay. Let me start at the beginning…

Girl meets boy, sparks fly, they date for a while. Boy asks for a loan, girl gives him the money with an agreement to pay back at a certain date. Deadline goes by, fastforward to a while later girl asks herself the ‘He doesn’t treat you badly, but does he treat you well enough question? answer was glaring. Girl broke it off, time to get her money back & his stories could fill a book, she gives him more time but he always has a list of excuses as long as his arm. Girl was clear out of ideas.

As a last ditch effort she threatened to march over to his office bright & early the next day & announce at the top of her lungs how she was barely getting by, how she barely had two pennies to rub together, how her belly was sticking to her backbone for want of a good meal & so on.
This had him running over, tail between legs to pay the ‘gbese.’

Same girl met someone else later, three months of friendship & dude was asking for a loan to furnish his new apartment. Girl said a loud ‘NO’!
I have seen this same threat of office disgrace work like magic for someone else, So you might want to try it if you’re finding it an uphill task getting your money back. Yes, I’ll take my consulting fees now, cash please! Haha.

Do you have an oni gbese story to tell? Go ahead please, I’m all ears, eyes I mean.



>How to be a successful businessman according to…

Hakeem Bello Osagie

Have a healthy scepticism of data
On the advice of renowned consultancy firms, HBO and his partners underbidded & lost the chance of getting the first mobile network licenses in Nigeria. He was erroneously advised that the Nigerian mobile phone market could not exceed 20 million Subscribers & today Nigeria has more than 100 million mobile phone subscribers.
Again, in the 90s, against the advise of many, he bought UBA (united bank for Africa) for 15 million dollars & a few years later it was valued at 300 million dollars by a South African bank that had earlier turned down his bid to invest in the bank, calling it a bad investment.

Right team is essential
“Teams are crucial because they combine the differing talents of individuals & they make the whole better than the part”. The desire & eagerness to experience new things is more important than functional intelligence in a successful team”.

Nurture relationships
“Nurturing personal relationships & building bridges is necessary to achieve business success. These relationships do not stop at 5 0′ clock but run round the clock”.

Be bold despite uncertainty
“Be bold, do not wait for every fact to be in before you make a business decision, you could be too late for the opportunity. One of the key factors for success in business is having that mental attitude to walk boldly into the fog of uncertainty that is an inevitable part of business”.

Don’t sacrifice personal life for business success
“it is far easier to improve a business, change a job or an industry than it is to change an unhappy life. Do not lose yourself in the desire to be a great success”.

culled from business & u (punch newspaper)

According to Aliko Dangote
“i remember when I was in primary school, I would go & buy cartons of sweet & I would go & sell them just to make money. I was so interested in business, even at that time I was very used to buying & selling”.

“if you give me $5 billion today, I will not invest any abroad, I will invest everything here in Nigeria. Let us put heads together & work”.

According to Mike Adenuga
“The harder you work, the luckier you get”.

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“To thine own self be true”. Shakespeare didn’t have friends in need of bridesmaids when he came up with this genius quote.
Fresh from playing maid of honour to my dear cousin in July, & bridesmaid to a dear, dear friend before that, here we were on a fine Sunday morning in church in September & my “hello, hi’, friend was saying she needed me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding a few months from now. Well I wasn’t having it & said as nicely as I could that I was just a MOH a little over a month ago & I was done with bridal trains for now seeing as it was stressful & expensive & I couldn’t afford it at the moment, hope she didn’t mind & did she have a replacement? “Oh It’s fine”, she said. Well, that went well, I thought to myself, it wasn’t so bad right? Wrong!! Boy, was I wrong!
The Sunday after, in church, girl was giving me attitude. She wasn’t being glaringly rude but when we said hello she didn’t smile like she always did & walked past me talking over my head to my sister even though I was mid-sentence complimenting her dress. Surely, my imagination is running wild, I thought.
Fastforward to yesterday in church, walked past the girl & her mum on my way to a free seat on the same row of seats as them, said a cheery hello to her flashing my ‘colgate’ smile & a ‘goodmorning ma’ to her mum & they both responded with the most reluctant deep-in-the-throat grunt ever while looking straight ahead, stone-faced. Oh really now? They didn’t just grunt at me with their noses in the air! But it was clear as day that they did.
Will they get over it? I don’t know but the whole episode made me think how difficult it can be to be “true to thine own self” sometimes.
People get upset when you turn them down, not caring that the request came at a bad time for you. I’d much rather risk a few noses in the air & grunted greetings, thank you very much! than beat myself up later.
Did I mention I don’t plan to have a single bridesmaid at my wedding? Just a maid of honour. To me, it’s  more trouble than it’s worth, inconveniencing the poor girls, financially & otherwise & chasing after dresses.
A lot of us single ladies have had this bridesmaid blues episode, how did you handle it?



You know how there are things you would like to do aside from having that successful career? Yeah, me too! Things you would do for the passion or the fun of it?
Personally, I see myself having done some or all of the following a few years down the road, I would like;

To be a successful motivational speaker. (Sometimes I daydream about an audience of thousands, hanging unto my every word while I give speeches to rival the likes of Fela Durotoye & co.)
To record a gospel album (in my mind I sing like Aretha Franklin !)
To learn to play the violin (such a romantic-sounding instrument, I’m moved everytime I hear a violin. what? did you just call me softie?)
Write a book ( motivational of course!)
Travel the world ( need I explain?)
Be a successful blogger ( I always knew I was a girl with a lot to say, just didn’t know via what platform I’d reach out)
Own a Successful fashion label (maybe, not as important as the others to me)

What are you passionate about? Wouldn’t life seem a little empty if all one did was work, get married & raise children? It would be nice to do something just for YOU, don’t you think? I certainly do!