Today Mary Kay’s corporation is a billion dollar company but wait till you hear her story!
It was 1963 & after 25 years as a saleswoman Mrs Mary Kay decided it was time to start her dream company, so armed with her life savings & recruited salespeople, got the merchandise, bottles & labels ready & sought her husband’s help in handling administrative details. Everything was set for the big launch & then life happened…
Exactly a month before they were scheduled to open her husband suffered a fatal heart attack at breakfast. She knew she lacked the administrative skills to run the business without her husband but with everything paid for & ready she had to go on.
“Liquidate the business right now & recoup whatever cash you can. If you don’t you’ll end up penniless”, said her attorney.
“you can’t possibly do it, this commission schedule will never work.It’s just a matter of time before the company goes bankrupt – & you along with it”, wailed her accountant.
The day of her husband’s funeral she discussed her fears with her children & they encouraged her to push forward with her plans. One son left his plum job to come help her guide the company, The other gave all his savings to support the business.
So on Friday,September, 13th 1963, Mary Kay’s cosmetic company opened on schedule with nine salespeople, her son as financial administrator & Mary Kay herself.
The fear of going broke & having to work for someone else for the rest of her life if her business failed, since she had no savings left to fall back on was a strong incentive for her to work hard. So no matter what anyone said she would not give up her dream. Her children had said “you can do it” & that was all she needed.

Today  Mary Kay’s corporation is a billion dollar company with more than 1.7 million consultants worldwide, wholesale volume in excess of 2.2 billion & total annual sales over 200 million dollars. It has been recognized as “one of the 100 best companies to work for in America”. Mary Kay Ash is the only woman profiled in the book Forbes greatest business stories of all time.
Culled from ‘chicken soup for the soul’, as told by Mary Kay herself.

I will be profiling a successful enterpreneur/professional weekly because who knows, it could be the push someone out there needs to chase their dream!



This lovely book is “a simple parable that reveals profound truths”. It tells a story about unexpected change & how to deal with it successfully. It talks about putting in the work to get the reward of achieving your not overanalyze things when your situation changes, adapt as quick as you can.It’s a simple book for all ages that teaches lessons that help you get through life & come out winning!
I read it & I recommend it if you’re looking to read something simple & motivating in as little as an hour!



  1. i have read a little about marykay,her story is a sign of a woman willing to succeed no matter what it takes,there are times in our lives were failure is never an option.
    The desire to succeed in life is vital, that is the beginning of greater things to come.

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