Are you trying to loose some weight? Firm up your body? Tone up those abs? Whatever you are looking to achieve, here are some handy tips that’ll help;

1. It’s the quality not quantity of exercise that matters – intensify your workout if you have only a short time to spend excercising. Maximize your time by going for a really intense workout.

2. watching what you eat is way more important than exercising in getting your body to look the way you want it. Thousands of calories consumed in a minute in fufu, eba, fries & the likes takes hours to burn off.
3. If you are looking to shed some weight, do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach because at that time the carbohydrate stores in your muscle & liver are nearly depleted & your body has to reach into your fat stores for energy, burning more fat.
4. Working out in groups keeps  you motivated & focused on your fitness goals. Cycling, running, skipping, walking etc can be done with partners.
5. Sweat signals a rising body temperature not necessarily an increased calorie burn. You could be sweating buckets without burning an ounce of fat. Heart rate is the best indicator of calorie burn. Get a heart monitor for your workout sessions.

The importance of portion control, calorie count & choosing a workout that works for you, not just any excercise routine popular at the time, cannot be over emphasized, also eat lots of fruits & vegetables, rest well, drink plenty of water & you’ ll be just fine!



Photo credit: The style studio

What is fashion to you? Is it comfort, style, colours? What are your must-have pieces? Here are some timeless tips that’ll keep you looking like a million bucks.

1. Dress for your body shape – understanding your figure is key when dressing to accentuate your ‘assets’. Wear figure- flattering clothes that show of a tiny waist, nice legs etc, drawing attention away from the not so flattering parts – if any.
2. Buy quality pieces- don’t be afraid to splurge on investment pieces. It might seem like they cost an arm & a leg at the time but they are gifts that keep on giving for many years to come. Items like diamond earrings, a good wristwatch, a pearl necklace are timeless & always elegant.
3. Separates please! – you think you have nothing to wear & then you throw on a shirt & a nice skirt & it saves the day! Mix & match pieces – what would we do without them? Having several shirts, skirts, pants & jackets give room for creative mixing & matching, they bring versatility & variety to your wardrobe & you seem to have more clothes than you actually do!
4. Makeup- stay away from loud makeup, don’t overdo the eyebrows, easy on the false lashes, wear the right shade of foundation & powder for your skin color. Never forget to wash off makeup, wearing makeup overnight ages you by decades! I know!
5. Whether you’re rocking braids, weaves or your natural hair, keep it simple. Less is more. Always wear comfortable shoes. Always!

In fashion, keep in mind that less is often more!   Toodles.



  1. Dear Ify as you well know, my exercise routine consists of thinking about doing it, laying in my back & doing some half-hearted crunches, before leaping up to reward myself with a chocolate bar; for all my efforts!


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