You know how there are things you would like to do aside from having that successful career? Yeah, me too! Things you would do for the passion or the fun of it?
Personally, I see myself having done some or all of the following a few years down the road, I would like;

To be a successful motivational speaker. (Sometimes I daydream about an audience of thousands, hanging unto my every word while I give speeches to rival the likes of Fela Durotoye & co.)
To record a gospel album (in my mind I sing like Aretha Franklin !)
To learn to play the violin (such a romantic-sounding instrument, I’m moved everytime I hear a violin. what? did you just call me softie?)
Write a book ( motivational of course!)
Travel the world ( need I explain?)
Be a successful blogger ( I always knew I was a girl with a lot to say, just didn’t know via what platform I’d reach out)
Own a Successful fashion label (maybe, not as important as the others to me)

What are you passionate about? Wouldn’t life seem a little empty if all one did was work, get married & raise children? It would be nice to do something just for YOU, don’t you think? I certainly do!


5 thoughts on “THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO DO.

  1. Honestly speaking, I would love to be a motivational speaker after successfully setting up my own business line. The truth is that a lot of us are scared of pursuing our dreams cos of fear of the unknown… Procrastination is a dream killer as well, so desiring a thing is not enough, but pulling down ur mental strength to achieving ur dreams is the real essence of life…

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  2. Thought provoking writing! Love the way thoughts are put point to point. I agree, life is about living and not existing merely just because we are born and have to wait till death to end it. Personal dreams, aspirations….that little ME TIME is really important. Earning a degree, getting a wonderful job, getting married and growing a family is not the only living. There must be something which one can call MINE in complete sense.
    I truly appreciate the beautiful ideas here. Love them.
    Stay Blessed!
    Reva ๐Ÿ™‚

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