Óni gbesé.


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A friend was telling me how she managed to get her money back from her ex-boyfriend after ages of delay. Let me start at the beginning…

Girl meets boy, sparks fly, they date for a while. Boy asks for a loan, girl gives him the money with an agreement to pay back at a certain date. Deadline goes by, fastforward to a while later girl asks herself the ‘He doesn’t treat you badly, but does he treat you well enough question? answer was glaring. Girl broke it off, time to get her money back & his stories could fill a book, she gives him more time but he always has a list of excuses as long as his arm. Girl was clear out of ideas.

As a last ditch effort she threatened to march over to his office bright & early the next day & announce at the top of her lungs how she was barely getting by, how she barely had two pennies to rub together, how her belly was sticking to her backbone for want of a good meal & so on.
This had him running over, tail between legs to pay the ‘gbese.’

Same girl met someone else later, three months of friendship & dude was asking for a loan to furnish his new apartment. Girl said a loud ‘NO’!
I have seen this same threat of office disgrace work like magic for someone else, So you might want to try it if you’re finding it an uphill task getting your money back. Yes, I’ll take my consulting fees now, cash please! Haha.

Do you have an oni gbese story to tell? Go ahead please, I’m all ears, eyes I mean.


3 thoughts on “Óni gbesé.

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  2. This is similar to my exclusive post i uploaded today.one tenant feels because he is a mopol he can lock up a client shop for years I didn’t even bother calling or sending him quit notice, sharper lynx I got his relevant info, went to the station where he is serving.before we say Jack Robb. ..he was made to write an undertaking, to pack out nd also pay for the 2 years he denied my client of.


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