‘Good’ Girls Finish Last?


Image: 123RF

I bet you are familiar with this story, chances are you know someone who never deviated, never derailed from the straight & narrow path, never cast a backward glance at worldly engagements, marched ever onwards, dotted her i’s & crossed her t’s, kept her eye firmly on the prize. She ticked all the right boxes & so felt entitled to cross her arms & wait for life to serve her a heaped plate of the best it had to offer since she followed all the good girl rules right? Wrong!!
She jumped up at the crack of dawn to rush to class for the good seats in front, paid close attention, studied till the words ran together before her eyes while her mates lived it up.
Fastforward to a few years & those good time girls are doing well & happy with their lot in life.
This was not the plan, this wasn’t how it was supposed to end, what was it all for?
She was not supposed to be the one that would wind up just another worker ant pushing files & slaving away at a  job where she got no satisfaction. Who said life was fair? Life had shortchanged her & in a big way too!

Life is a little like the landowner in the book of Matthew that hired workers to work in his vineyard, some starting earlier than others & consequently working longer hours only to be paid the same wages of one denarius with the latecomers much to their dismay, the early workers grumbled to the landowner who replied “l am not being unjust to you,… “have I no right to do what I like with my own? Why be envious because I am generous?”
Life is generous to all, be assured that life still has good ‘money’ with your name on it, not just some change. No, you didn’t get shortchanged, life is just taking it’s sweet time getting to you.


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