Personality Of The Week : Hakeem Bello Osagie


Photo credit: The sun

Listed as the 40th richest man in Africa Hakeem Bello Osagie is currently the chairman of Etisalat Nigeria where he holds a 12% stake. He has worked for the government in various capacities including a brief stint at NNPC, Secretary of the Oil policy review & LNG communities, Special assistant to the minister of Petroleum & energy, he set up CTIC, a leading energy consulting firm in 1986.Until recently he served as chairman of the board of directors of UBA Plc.
In 1998 he bought 51% of UBA from the Nigerian government & sold for 120 million dollars in 2004.

Starting as a petroleum economist & a lawyer he diversified into several businesses including energy, finance & telecommunications. He is the founder & former chairman of First Securities Discount House , Nigeria’s leading money markets & treasury bill trading financial services firm. He is also the chairman, board of directors of the Abuja investment Company.he also chairs Chocolate city group, a leading entertainment company in Nigeria & serves on the board  of timbuktu media. He is a huge donor to the African Leadership Academy (ALA) an institution that works to turn out Africa’s brightest students.

He holds an MBA from Harvard business school, a law degree from Cambridge university & an M.A. in politics, philosophy & economics from Oxford University.

Culled from: Wikipedia


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