Chasing Mr emotionally Unavailable


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Yes, you know him well, if you’re lucky, you do not, haha! Ambiguous, tricky to read, blows hot & cold, backs off when you come too close, has a list of excuses as long as his arm with actions rarely matching his words. He enjoys the benefits of a relationship without truly committing to you. Oh no, he has no problem with you forever playing laundryman, chef, bed warmer & all-around errand girl, why would he? But demand even the mildest form of committment & you’ll hear “it’s a bad time for me”, “things are really complicated right now”, “i have a lot going on”… enough excuses to fill a book.
Back in school, I had this friend who lived in the same building as I did, she was dating this piece of work, Mr silky smooth tongue himself, who rarely came by to see her, hardly called, forgot her birthdays & just didn’t DO much of anything really. The poor girl was forever doing the calling, visiting & everything in between. Her roommate who was also a friend was never done running upstairs to announce how she felt her friend was dumb as a post, had no mind of her own & was a lethal cocktail of low self esteem & little self worth, how she couldn’t stand watching her act a fool for one more second & she was totally done advising her & on & on.
They dated on & off till we were done with school & in all that time I never was able to figure out if said boyfriend was emotionally unavailable or just plain unavailable in every single way.

Does this story sound eerily familiar? Maybe it mirrors your own experience?
Are you seeking validation in loveless places? Well, you know what time it is? it’s time to stop!
Stop trying to change someone who doesn’t want to change. Stop walking back to a place where your heart ran from, stop trusting their words & ignoring their actions. Stop casting your pearls before pigs. Just STOP!

You know you’ll be fine, right? It might hurt now but someday you’ll look back & smile knowing you came out wiser & stronger & you’ve grown in more ways than one.