A letter from Jane jobseeker to dear future job


Dear future job,

Now would be a good time for you to find me seeing as i’m almost at my ropes end. You see, i’m worn out from jumping buses in my quest for you, rushing off to drop a Cv here or attend an interview there. Weary of the antics of unscrupulous men, wolves masquerading as sheep. The only ‘meetings’ I want to hear about are the ones holding at an office address, thank you very much! I’d gladly make my way to an office, anything outside that, keep it moving sir!
What about well meaning fellow road users sending you off on a merry-go – round journey when they could have just said they do not know how to get to the address you seek.

Did I mention the ‘lovely’ bus conductors that are forever cooking up schemes to make you leave your change behind while ‘blessing’ you with the ‘lovely’ odours wafting up from their armpits & clothes. phew!
Oh & what about passing tests & interviews & having to wait for eternity for follow- up calls with information on medicals & training commencement?

So you see dear future job, I’m in dire, dire, dire need of you, so quit playing hide & go seek games with me, for my legs are weary from chasing after you. Oh, how I long for you! Till our next correspondence, I remain,
            Yours Sincerely, longingly yours,
                                        Jane jobseeker


4 thoughts on “A letter from Jane jobseeker to dear future job

  1. Where do I sign for the letter on working in an environment where you feel like you are navigating a political minefield, even if you are just going to Xerox a document! Where you check your seat for pins & explosives before you strap yourself in for the crazy antics of others (that they consider part of the job).


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