Merry Christmas Everyone!


Compliments of the season everyone, how did your year go? Did it come together like you planned or were there a few cogs in the wheel of your plans? So what, if you hit a few snags, it happens to the best of us, Sometimes things go so far South that you catch yourself wondering ” Is this my life right now? I do not recognize this life I’m living, it doesn’t feel like mine.”

Yes, life happens! Well the good news is, there’s always tomorrow if you keep hope alive & lay it all at the feet of the good Lord. You shall tell your story with a happy ending someday soon.
And if you got everything & more that you wished for this year, I say congratulations.

Life is short & one has to live it to the fullest, touching lives along the way as much as we can. What would it all have been for if one can’t look back in the twilight years & smile knowing that you made a difference, touched lives, spread love & just lived the best life you could have lived.

Let’s waltz into the new year with our positive energy & keep hope alive! Merry Christmas & I love you all!


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone!

  1. Like you said, I got more than I could have wished for come last year ending. A trip to the UK for Christmas & a shift in my MBA finals exam (till January 26 2015 )- to enjoy said holiday. This year end, I’m looking forward to so much more xoxo


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