Timeless fashion tips (2)


Photo credit : 123RF

What is fashion to you? Is it comfort, style, colours? What are your must-have pieces? Here are more timeless tips that’ll keep you looking like a million bucks.

1. Simple can be better – The simplest most basic outfits are often the most memorable ones.

2. Embrace your ‘flaws’ – the most important fashion item is your ‘cloak of confidence’. Almost everyone has insecurities about their body, rock it the best way you can.

3. You can’t go wrong in a little black dress – need I explain? Go get yourself a nice black dress, every woman needs one.

4. Do not wear oversize clothes – they do not hide your size, they make you look bigger, so steer clear of them & get your exact fit when shopping for clothes.

5. Hello bright, beautiful colours! – work would be a good excuse to stick to black, blue, grey & white clothes but bright colours are ever so lovely when you wear them. Mr Green, red, yellow & the likes are calling out your name! Be adventurous & vibrant.

Stay fabulous!


2 thoughts on “Timeless fashion tips (2)

  1. Good post!love me some LBD,i love it.it never gooes. Wrong.i think I am loving bright colours now.gone were the days I stick to white and black .its allover for those colours. anytime I go shopping I don’t bother checking black nor white.
    Confidence!I have that aura of confidence,even if I wear the cheapest of all cloths you will think am wearing a million buck dress.
    I learnt alot from this post.thanks for sharing.



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