Comments please!


It’s lonely here without your comments, please send company!

So I see, from statistics made available to me by the good people at WordPress, that I’m getting a fair number of views (thank you) but not a lot of comments. Please take the time to drop comments, they spur me on to come up with more posts. Knowing that good people like you are taking time out of your busy day to read my thoughts/work is very humbling indeed. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Comments please!

  1. Good work….Please get more inspired. Just wanna say I hv read ur bnlog 4rm d time of inception till date & am uite impressed with what u hv done so far. Keep up d good work. Hope u enjoyed urself dis wkend ? We await ur arrival. Areos Amigos!


  2. Yeah!that’s the major worry for all new bloggers,however there are strategic ways to get people comment on your blog,though it’s not Hundred percent certain,but at least I can assure you of atleast 4 or 5 comments in a post.Add me up let me tell you my Lil secret.lolz


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