Clean Living – eating healthy.


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What was the last thing you ate? Was it healthy? Or was the ‘deliciousness’ all it was good for?
We eat unhealthy food because it’s more convenient, we think eating healthy is time-consuming and expensive. Well, it doesn’t have to be. A salad is one of the fastest meals you can put together and it is not that pricey either. A meal of fish & vegetables is also a quick fix, even if it costs a little more.
So what if it costs a little more to eat healthy? You are well worth it and who can put a price on good physical and mental health?
Clean eating and a healthy lifestyle in general is the best gift we can give our bodies, we owe it to ourselves to eat healthy, get plenty of rest & exercise, eliminate unhealthy habits like drinking & smoking and get regular check-up.

Remember, garbage in, garbage out. Respect your body, invest in your health and watch your body stay strong for you through the years.
If you can’t eat all the way healthy, keep an eye on your cholesterol level, calorie count & portion control is key as well.


6 thoughts on “Clean Living – eating healthy.

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  2. I was still. Thinking of going on vegetable and fish with lot of fruits this January.i plan to eat healthy tho I have been trying to do that.i hardly take coke instead I substitute for water or ribenna.
    I make sure I avoid eating late,I brought myself a skipping rope. Team slim body 2015 I can’t shout.


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