Self Medication – quick fix or recipe for disaster?


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I was at a pharmacy recently and in the short time I was there I observed the ‘whole world’ trooping in with all manner of complaints; there’s a pain in my groin, I feel dizzy, i’m suffering from double vision, the boil has ‘refused’ to dry up, the moon fell on my head lastnight and so on.

Particularly alarming to me was the case of a woman and her four (the pharmacist asked how old she was) year old daughter. The lady said she was giving the child a bath yesterday when the child ” fell to the floor with her eyes wide open”. The pharmacist simply asked when the child was last treated for malaria & if she had a cough, then he proceeded to prescribe malaria drugs, paracetamol & what looked like multivitamin syrup, the lady paid & they left.

I was left wondering when ‘falling to the floor & a cough became sure symptoms of malaria, but what do I know? If MY pikin suddenly crumbles to the floor with ‘eyes wide open’ or shut tight, I will strap that pikin to my back & run off, at the speed of light to the hospital biko! Nigerians are prone to malaria but i’d still recommend a test at the hospital to be doubly sure.
With the rehabilitation of government hospitals, in a lot of states, I think it’s safe to say that even people who can’t afford private hospitals can still get the care they need, hopefully the days of waiting in line for ages & having to bear grumpy government hospital workers are gone forever.
I am very passionate about health issues now because healthwise, 2013 was a ‘dark’ year for me. Recurring malaria did not let me LIVE! It was knocking on my door, promptly every two months. Coartem became a constant companion, Eko hospital was like a second home, I could have easily passed for a hospital staff.
I would sit, heart thumping away in my chest, eyes round with fear and compare my symptoms with the symptoms of whatever illness I came across in the papers or on the internet that day.
On a particularly ‘dark’ day, I carted myself off to a medical laboratory to have a test run for HIV even though I knew I’d been careful about anything that could lead to me catching the virus, I got the ‘all clear’ but I was not convinced that ‘plain old’ malaria could be so hard to treat.
One good day, a doctor reluctantly prescribed malaria injections for me & at last, I got my groove back. A full year without malaria, me? I thought I was in heaven!
It takes an experience like mine to make you truly appreciate good health. Now my health is like gold to me, hehe. I thank the Lord for it every day!

So please, if you ever feel unwell, march yourself off to the HOSPITAL. Life is hard but life is beautiful too, let’s do our best to stay alive. May the good Lord keep us for 969 years, like Methuselah, Amen.


2 thoughts on “Self Medication – quick fix or recipe for disaster?

  1. 969 years you say,by then I wonder how I will look.the rate at which people selfmedicate is annoying,there was a time a girl in a pharmacy wanted to prescribe a drug for me ,the way i looked at her scornfully,eeehn,in her life she didn’t try it again with me.lolz

    Howdy,how is it going?

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