Horrible Bosses.


I’d be willing to bet an arm that a lot of us know people that have enough ‘horrible boss’ stories to fill a book. I know I do!
It would be easy to say, if they did their jobs well no boss would get a chance to hassle  them, but what’s to be done in a situation where one does their job well & are still met with disapproval from said boss all the same? For some, victimization in the workplace is very real & very true indeed.

I have heard it all, from the hilarious to the simply outrageous office horror stories.

A close friend gets ‘stalked’ on social media by her line manager, who wants to know if ” he is ‘the one’, everytime she puts up a picture of herself with a man, same boss badmouths her to other  colleagues, makes tribalistic statements, discourages talk about salary increase & sent her a notice of suspension for two weeks without pay, for taking an extra leave day. It took the intervention of higher ups’ who declared the punishment excessive, recalled the girl & took the query out of her file, to get it sorted out. It’s a ‘new day, new battle’ scene for her daily.

Another friend grumbles no end, about his boss who insists that he resumes by 7. am everyday & goes into a dark mood If he ever  attempts to leave the office by 5.pm which he rarely ever does, even though his letter of employment stipulates the hours of 8-5. She, without fail, always remembers she has a task for him that can’t wait till the next day, and has him working till late.
The weird thing is, the two friends that complain more frequently than any other, work with female bosses. Coincidence right? You, tell me! Some people are of the opinion that female bosses are a little harder to work with than their male counterparts, I just think women have less tolerance for perceived inadequacies in their subordinates. What do you think?
Do you have a ‘horrible boss’ tale to tell? Go ahead, I’m all ears , eyes.


2 thoughts on “Horrible Bosses.

  1. Horrible bosses!the last one made me lost interest in lawfirm,male lawyer’s etc.the guy is annoying,as in no staff can cope with that devil in human clothing.this boss am talking about is a man oo,not even a woman.he gats a bad attitude to the extent that the wife left him.i can’t deal.ever since then I find it hard to work with any body.i’d rather be my boss,and this has been working for me in the past 10months.*shinesteeth*


    • Wow, he sounds like a real piece of work. Enterpreneurship is the way to go, there’s nothing like being your own boss & watching your business grow…such a rewarding feeling! Thanks for stopping by Bola.


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