Dream job or bill payer?


Photo credit : yahoo news

In January, the emergence of the picture of the ‘named & shamed’ executives in Xiamen city, China, sparked widespread outrage on social media with people calling for the identification of the company so they would get their own dose of ‘naming & shaming’ for their utterly unacceptable conduct.
The men & women were forced to kneel on a bridge for an hour chanting “we are sorry” for various ‘offences’ ranging from “not beating my Sales target” to “not finishing my job”.
They each had ‘messages’ in front of them detailing their names, age & what they had done to deserve such shocking treatment. Only one man revolted & left the scene when the shame became unbearable while the rest quietly bore their punishment to the end.

Are you doing what you really enjoy or is your job just a means of paying the bills?

These days an increasing number of people are going into business for themselves, facing the challenges of entrepreneurship head on.It’s the only way to go for some while others aren’t keen on being business owners, which is just fine as long as you are working at a job you get satisfaction from, not one where you feel like just another worker ant slaving away at a job that leaves you feeling trapped & invisible. The important thing for me, is to be happy, be productive, to grow & thrive. Spread your wings- there are no limits, only fear & doubt. Life is too short not to live your dream!


6 thoughts on “Dream job or bill payer?

  1. Most jobs now are just for paying the bills. U’ll hardly see any1 working cos he/she enjoys it. Hmmm, so pathetic. People with not enof money have no choice but 2 continue enduring their jobs.



  2. It’s so sad,some pple have jobs like dey dont.some salaries are ridiculous.for me I ave decided to stand alone.i’d rather be my boss.work hard,hustle tight,network right.mi’oraaye oshi

    I don refresh this place tire,where you hide?



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