TV series and a wedding



I did not blog all week, I no lost, I just dey away one kind, hehe. I was really busy all week & spent my free time watching TV series on a laptop & attending a wedding on Saturday.
My favourite way to relax is to lay in bed, munching on something delicious while watching series. (yes, i’m a home body) sometimes I stay home so much that when I ’emerge’ from hibernation people keep asking if I travelled & did I just return?
I could hardly spare a moment to blink my eyes, the series were that interesting. Game of thrones, orange is the new black, tyrant & two broke girls had my undivided attention. Next in line is pretty little liars, I hear it’s worth your while.
I attended a wedding on Saturday, I love, love, love weddings especially the romantic parts like when the couple have their first dance & feed each other- so cute. It was a nice wedding & the very boisterous groom in his vote of thanks announced to his boss & the packed hall at the top of his very loud voice, that, said boss should not be angry if he does not answer his phone calls after working hours for he will be “very busy at home doing something very important to this chic” (his blushing bride) hehe. Me sef shy for the girl. He also thanked his mother-in-law for giving birth to his wife, I found that very sweet. *sigh* the delicious thrills of young love.
How did your weekend go? Oh, I also managed to get my PVC this week after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing . That experience deserves it’s own post. Have a great week everyone.


4 thoughts on “TV series and a wedding

  1. Heheheheh! Guess you enjoyed your week.mine was boring as usual,blogging all through except for one funny meeting I attended. no new briefs at all. am hopeful this week will be better.make client enter jawe.
    I am not a TV person,i rather spend my time on d Internet than to watch movies,weird???yeah that’s me


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