Stop thief! (1)


A friend was just grumbling about having his phone stolen twice in six weeks. The first time was in Lagos traffic heading home from work & the second was when he went to drop off a friend. Now he’s threatening to only buy the cheapest phones he can find seeing as it’ll only end up in the hands of thieves.

Another friend got robbed as he left a bank he had just withdrawn money from, a stranger spoke to him, he stopped to reply, continued on his way & feeling his pockets a few minutes later he found that his money had disappeared. His theory – the stranger had used jazz/ black magic to rob him, my theory – he had distracted him with questions while his accomplice had picked his pockets. His saving grace was having some change in another pocket to pay his fare or he would have had to embark on the trek of life to get home.

Back in university crammed into the hostel in first year, girls would wash their clothes & hang them up to dry only to have them stolen, some would then embark on a room to room search “please did anyone in this room wash & hang clothes on the line to dry today? If the answer was yes, the follow-up question would be ” please did you ‘mistakenly’ pack a pink dress from the line?
If the precious clothes were not found some would take to swearing at the top of their voices, placing frightening curses on the thief, her future children & entire generation yet unborn for centuries to come.
Some girls took to washing & sitting on a chair to literally watch their clothes dry.

I have had four encounters with thieves. I will split this narrative so it doesn’t get tiring.


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