Life Lessons



Life is one teacher we pay close attention to or rue the day. I’ve learned a few lessons along my merry way in the sojourn of life and here are some of the more lasting lessons…

1 . Change is inevitable –  things change, people change, situations & circumstances
change. especially people!

2. Everything ends – nothing in life lasts forever – love, friendship, youth, pain, grief. All of these things will fade away, even life ends.

3.  Love yourself & treat yourself well & everyone else will too and if anyone is too blind to see how truly awesome you are… Shut the door when they leave. bye Felicia!

4. Learn from the experiences of others, don’t wait for life to teach you hard lessons.

5. God may take a while to act on your prayers but He listens & will act in His own time.

6. Follow your instincts – Do not let people talk you into things you do not want to do, you might still be kicking yourself long after they’ve moved on with their merry lives.

7. Don’t worry too much about what people think, focus on living your best life!

8. Don’t compare your life to anyone else’s, good & bad things happen to everyone, just at different times.

9. Find a good friend – a listening ear is calming, therapeutic even, don’t go it alone if you can help it.

10. Be kind to everyone, show love when you can – The rewards are enormous.
  Your turn…


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