Natural hair pickle


This past Friday, I found myself sitting in the salon having hair relaxer AKA the softener but destroyer of good hair, applied to my hair that I had steadfastly nurtured for about five months.
You see, I had half a mind not to do it but my legs wouldn’t listen. I recently had my weave taken out & combing my hair was a tear- inducing experience.
I still remember the pain, me holding on to the sides of the chair with tears springing into my eyes & everyone chorusing “sorry, sorry o”, as the girl braiding my hair prior to installing my weave combed & pulled my very coarse hair in every direction.
The memory broke my resolve & against the better advice of my heart, my legs carried me to the salon, relaxer AKA number 1 enemy of healthy hair in hand.

Just when I’m giving myself a pat on the back every five months, the pain melts my resolve. My hair is healthier now than when I frequently relaxed it but I know it could be better, maybe even grow past my feet like Rapunzel’s someday, haha.
Before you say run online  for tips from the countless natural hair blogs, I already read all manner of advice & it all sounds like plenty of work to me. I doubt that I desire the length that badly yet to commit to that level of effort. Someday maybe, but not today! I’ll work at relaxing once a year & go from there… Wish me luck!


12 thoughts on “Natural hair pickle

    • Then it’s a classic case of choosing between the devil & the deep blue sea. Too often is bad, too long a break is even worse, hehehe. Maybe it’s time to chop off all my hair. Haha.


  1. I did the once a year thingy, but It made no difference. Just do what suits you best. I still haven’t decided on what to do with my natural thick comb-breaking hair atm.


  2. Once a year relaxer sound like more breakage. Have you considered texturisers or kids relaxers ? Maybe you can do that every 3 or 4 months instead?

    I used to have issues with combing my natural forest on my head, but i realised my hair just likes moisture. So now i heavily moisturise with ORS leave in conditioner. I also use a lot of shea butter and coconut oil.


  3. Bola dear, I just found all five of your comments in my spam box. don’t know how they got there o, including the one where you commented about never seeing your comments. so sorry. don’t mind WordPress abi is it me that clicked on what I do not know.


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