It’s election week!


        Photo credit : fotosearch

Hello lovely people, happy Sunday. For those who went, how was church today?
My priest harped endlessly on the importance of doing our civic duty of voting come Saturday and I feel the same way.
You might have read my ‘TVC & PVC wahala’,  chronicling the high drama journey to getting my voter’s card. Wouldn’t it be a senseless waste to go through all that and not vote? Not even the hounds of hell can keep me from voting come Saturday and April 11th. Please endeavor to do your bit if you’ve gotten your voter’s card and if you didn’t even bother registering, I say, how do you sleep at night? Haha.
People are giving this excuse & that for not voting, some say the options presented are well… less than desirable, others are scared of losing their lives to election violence, still others say “what is the point of voting when they will still rig the elections?… and on and on.
I say, do your bit, even if have cause to protest later, you can speak out knowing that you did your best to ensure that change happens, that your voice was heard!

Something funny happened in church lastweek… It’s time for thanksgiving & the names of  those for thanksgiving are being read out, what do we hear but “Desmond Elliot, Babatunde Fashola, Oluremi Tinubu, Femi Gbajabiamila (Surulere 1 federal house of rep candidate) & Akinwunmi Ambode” among the names called out for thanksgiving. There was an uproar & everyone was whispering furiously to their neighbors & cranning their necks to catch a glimpse of the aforementioned politicians but they were no where in sight, not a one! Apparently some ‘kind soul’ had booked thanksgiving on their behalf, it seemed like a campaign move to some, hence the whispering but who can say?

So if you can, please vote. The Change we seek starts with us! Stay safe.



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