Welcome April


April is here! Happy new month everyone.

March started out a little slow for me, but things sure picked up fast.
There was a lot of election excitement in March and there’s more coming this April. ‘April’ is gotten from the Latin verb ‘aperire’ which means ‘to open’.
April could be the month where we open ourselves up – to wonderful new opportunities, to love, to happiness , to healing… to life!

So was March a month of bright colors and brave new adventures for you?

Tried uploading this all day yesterday, it just wasn’t working…


4 thoughts on “Welcome April

  1. Happy April also. Your description of the month of April resonates with my current condition – I earnestly hope I achieve opening myself up to life.

    March was fair, nothing extraordinary. Happy April once again.


    • I bet you will Chris, life is too short to shut ourselves off from all the rich and wonderful experiences we could enjoy. Happy new month Chris. You’re a gem for always stopping by.


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