I am a versatile blogger!


Hello lovelies, the weekend is waltzing in, yay! i hope you all had an amazing week, I had quite a week myself but I digress ….

So you see, Gloria, this lovely lady whose very entertaining blog ( see it here-  http://trendwithgloria.blogspot.com i recently stumbled upon, err well, it was more like she dropped a nice comment and I hurried over to check out her blog and reciprocate the kind gesture. Anyhoo, she was kind enough to nominate me for the versatile blogger award and in line with the rules I have to nominate 15 other bloggers who “bring something special to my life” with the quality of their writing, uniqueness of subjects covered, level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page and the quality of their photographs”.

So here are my nominees, Gloria already nominated a lot of the blogs I visit but I’ll still go ahead and pick them;


7 things about myself

1.  My name is Ifeoma (like you didn’t already know, lol) and I am from Enugu state.

2.   I am passionate about writing.

3.   I would like to be a motivational speaker    someday.

4.   I am a homebody.  i loveeee to stay home (its my favourite thing to do) and read a book, watch series or surf the internet, hanging out is like a huge chore to me.

5.    I would like to write a motivational book someday, oh and I’d also like to record a gospel rock album. Yep!

6.   My favourite colour is white.

7.   My philosophy on life is, be kind to everyone and touch as many lives as you can in the time you have on earth.

Gracias Gloria, you’re a gem.


Funny Nigerian Proverbs


1.  A person who sells eggs should not start a fight in the market.

2.  A lion does not give birth to a sheep.

3.   The agama lizard that successfully jumped down from an iroko tree said, if no one praises it, it will praise itself.

4.   A fly that doesn’t listen to advice follows the corpse to the grave.

5.   You have the yam and you have the knife, if you do not give us a piece we will not eat.(heard this while watching ‘Things fall apart’ years back, in a scene where  Okonkwo (Pete Edochie) was blessing kolanut to share with his visitors.

6.   May God give us gèlé to enjoy in our youth. (not when Old age has bent our necks to the side)

My friend from Osun state told me about the gele proverb and I found it absolutely hilarious. I don’t know if i translated it accurately but it should be pretty close.

Happy Sunday everyone. I spent ages working on a ‘top 10 richest countries’ article and it disappeared into thin air while I was trying to post it, very painful indeed, lol. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I decided to put this up instead. Richest countries post coming soon.




Yay! Liflblog is one today, I put up my first post on the 22nd of July 2014 and here we are a year later. I recall it like it was yesterday, I was giddy with excitement to see my own words jumping out at me on the internet, lol. Time does fly by in a blur.

I know I average 2-3 posts tops, on a good week but you know a girl has got to earn a living. My only ‘blogday’ (like a birthday, but for a blog) wish is for all the silent visitors to kindly drop a few comments from time to time, a song plays in my heart whenever I read your comments, Yes it’s that serious 🙂 like fuel in a generator, your words spur me on to do better.

My ‘blogyear’ (like a new year resolution but for a blog, hehehe) resolution is to aggressively jump into the Twitter fray and maybe that’ll help me garner more views and comments. For a blogger I am not very social (insert a knock on my boring head).

So how can I improve on this blog? I know there’s a lot more I could do, what would you like to see more of on here? I’ve to blog more frequently that’s for sure, so what else? A bit of gossip maybe? (not my speed but hey, I give the people what they want, right?) I’m open to suggestions.

Finally, I just want to say thank you to everyone that takes time out of their day to stop by, there are countless other things you could be doing with your time but you (consistently) choose to give me a bit of it, THANK YOU. I especially want to thank my fellow bloggers that take the time to encourage a sister by dropping such warm and  thoughtful  comments, even when I disappear for a while you still show up,  sometimes your words serve as the pick-me-up I need to hear, simple as they are. Bolatito of bolateethole.blogspot.com, Pamscrib, Chris,NSG, Omalicha that gave me my first guest posting experience and all the rest of you lovely people. I LOVE YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT, Thank you.

And my real birthday is just around the corner in August, anyone else born in August? I only know two other people that share my month, I think we are somewhat special, something of a rarity if you like, 🙂 feel free to argue the point.

Again, thank you all, you’re all gems of the rarest kind.

Great business ideas, anyone?


*Three friends, two of whom were management consultants and the other working in advertising  were on a holiday trip throwing around ideas for a new business and realized that there was a gap in the market for a new smoothie product, one based on natural ingredients, after six months of blending and gathering public opinion on different flavors, they went on to write and re-write their business plan eleven times before being turned down by a succession of potential investors and banks for funding. At last a wealthy businessman pitched in 250 thousand  pounds to set the ball rolling. Innocent drinks made it’s first million dollars in it’s second year and now sells around 2 million smoothies a week, commanding a 75% market share in the UK. In 2010 Coca Cola paid 65 million pounds for a 58% stake in the company.

*Matthew Corrin managed to create such a hype around Freshii – his  company that sells fresh, healthy fast food that when he opened for business there were queues around the block and he sold out before lunch time daily.

*Amanda Hockings made millions selling a self published e-book.

Stories like these about business ideas that took off really well and had happy endings are far outweighed by sad tales about start up businesses that went bad as soon as they began, these are a dime a dozen.

A great example of a story chronicling the struggle in the early days of successful business moguls to rise above various challenges common to  start-up businesses in Nigeria is that of the humble beginnings of Coscharis boss, Cosmas Maduka. There is no shortage of phenomenal  businessmen with multi million naira conglomerates  in Nigeria, Men and women with some of the brightest  and most  discerning minds who successfully predict future trends and drive their companies to the top of their industries.

From manufacturing to telecommunications, real estate/property, shipping, construction, oil & gas, fashion & retail, automobile, banking, media, hospitality, transport, gaming and technology, The likes of Aliko Dangote, Micheal Otedola, Micheal Adenuga, Hakeem Bello Osagie, Tony Elumelu, Cosmas Maduka and many others are pioneering fresh ideas and rising to the top of their game.

Below are a few of the numerous business ventures one could take on;

Service industry ( consulting, training, office/home cleaning services etc)
Restaurant and fast food business
Fashion/ jewellery/fabric retailing
Wholesale and retailing of various items including phones & phone accessories, computers, electronics,generators, petroleum products
Frozen food ( meat, seafood)
Catering and event management
sale of baked goods, small chops & drinks
Car rental services
Garbage disposal
Sale of machinery & equipments
Children toys and outfits
Branding & sales of branded items (T-shirts, banners, gift items etc)
Medical supplies
Sell advert space on your website
Real estate/ property business
Online magazine/newspaper
Manufacturing of drinks and bottled water.

Whatever you choose to do remember to :

1.  Carry out a thorough research prior to venturing into a business new to you.

2. Establish a business you can control

3.  Execute ideas properly

4.  Move with the times – embrace new practices and ditch techniques that have become obsolete/unproductive. Adaptability is key.

The truth is there are few new ideas out there, Chances are someone else already thought about that great idea before you did but the innovative twist you bring to an idea can stand you out – so take an idea if nothing fresh comes to mind and give it your own unique twist that will have people clamouring for your services day and night.

Do you have any great business ideas you want to share? Are you a business owner? Did your business take off on the first try or  were there  obstacles you had to surmount? To what extent does overhead cost eat into your profit margin? What factors mitigate against the success of small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria and why is the survival rate of SMEs sooo low? The difficulties faced in finding investors, Inadequate power supply, almost non existent access to loan facilities, high tax rate  and various forms of government interference are but a few of the challenges facing the average entrepreneur in Nigeria. Any helpful tips for those planning to join the business owners train? Go ahead please, we’re all ears eyes.

Happy holiday everyone.

That Awkward Moment …


1.   That awkward moment when you rush down to the car park for your daily free ride home with your colleague only to find that someone else has taken ‘your place’ and everyone is staring at you and asking “so how you go waka now?”

2.   That awkward moment when it’s time to climb ‘okada’ and you’re wearing a pencil skirt.

3.    When there’s an elderly person standing next to you in church but you don’t want to give up your seat and stand till the end of  service/mass – the guilt is sweat inducing.

4.   When you try unsuccessfully to hold in a fart and now there’s a smell hanging in the air and everyone is giving you ‘side eyes’.

Your turn …
Go ahead, don’t be shy, tell me EVERYTHINGGGGG

Essential make up tips to live by!



1.  Foundation and powder –  Find the  shade that suits your skin tone. Going a shade or two lighter tends to have a bit of an aging effect and defeats the purpose of wearing makeup in the first place.
If you’re looking for a great but pocket friendly foundation that gives great coverage try Mary Kay, Bobby Brown is a bit more pricey and not so oily face friendly but gives good coverage as well.
Black up is a really great (compact powder) two -way cake that keeps your face oil free for hours and hours. It works better for me than MAC which is less forgiving of oily skin.

2.   Eyebrows – When in doubt about how to line your eyebrows correctly there are plenty of tutorial videos online to help you perfect the art. Try YouTube. Make them as natural looking as possible, to get it just right trace  along your brow bone.

3.   Eye shadow- Mix and match flattering colors and have fun with it, experiment with different shades for appropriate occasions. I find the matte -textured eyeshadows more flattering.

4.   Eye lashes – To avoid your mascara clumping up on your lashes, use a good quality product and apply a coat or two lightly. Keep the fake lashes looking simple, natural and classy- remember less is more.

5.  Contouring – There’s a lot to be said for this lovely ‘new’ trend when properly done. If you’re looking to create the illusion of a more flattering facial structure, learn from a professional and get it right, you might find YouTube make up tutorial videos quite helpful.

Make contouring look more natural by using a make up brush as your guide to find exactly where your cheekbone is, mark the areas your want to contour – the hollows under your cheekbone, your temples, along your hairline,jaw line, the sides and tip of your nose and the crease of your eyes.
Find the right angle for your face then dust some bronzer on and diffuse the color so it looks natural. Every face is different so where Miss A applies bronzer might not be the best place for you to contour.

6.   Lipstick – Sooo many lovely shades to try on, so little time!
Come closer for a great tip:  if you’re going for a matte look but can’t afford a proper matte lipstick then dab on a little white powder after applying your lipstick, your glossy lipstick instantly turns dry and gives a matte look that lasts hours and hours- all day really.

The Mac range of lipsticks carry a bit of a higher price tag but are oh-so-lovely, I am currently rocking and loving ‘lady danger’ by Mac- it’s fab!!
Do not use a brown liner to line your lips before filling in with your lipstick, leave that habit in the 70s where it belongs. Use lipliner that matches your lipstick or a nude brown shade.

7.   The greatest make up tip of them all : wear no make up at all – to bed.
Never ever sleep with a face full of make up. It takes it’s toll on your skin over time, the importance of letting your skin breathe cannot be over emphasized. Wash your face and moisturize before heading to bed. Exfoliation, scrubs, facials – do whatever works for you and keeps your face looking fresh as a baby’s bum.

Stay fabulous!