Essential make up tips to live by!



1.  Foundation and powder –  Find the  shade that suits your skin tone. Going a shade or two lighter tends to have a bit of an aging effect and defeats the purpose of wearing makeup in the first place.
If you’re looking for a great but pocket friendly foundation that gives great coverage try Mary Kay, Bobby Brown is a bit more pricey and not so oily face friendly but gives good coverage as well.
Black up is a really great (compact powder) two -way cake that keeps your face oil free for hours and hours. It works better for me than MAC which is less forgiving of oily skin.

2.   Eyebrows – When in doubt about how to line your eyebrows correctly there are plenty of tutorial videos online to help you perfect the art. Try YouTube. Make them as natural looking as possible, to get it just right trace  along your brow bone.

3.   Eye shadow- Mix and match flattering colors and have fun with it, experiment with different shades for appropriate occasions. I find the matte -textured eyeshadows more flattering.

4.   Eye lashes – To avoid your mascara clumping up on your lashes, use a good quality product and apply a coat or two lightly. Keep the fake lashes looking simple, natural and classy- remember less is more.

5.  Contouring – There’s a lot to be said for this lovely ‘new’ trend when properly done. If you’re looking to create the illusion of a more flattering facial structure, learn from a professional and get it right, you might find YouTube make up tutorial videos quite helpful.

Make contouring look more natural by using a make up brush as your guide to find exactly where your cheekbone is, mark the areas your want to contour – the hollows under your cheekbone, your temples, along your hairline,jaw line, the sides and tip of your nose and the crease of your eyes.
Find the right angle for your face then dust some bronzer on and diffuse the color so it looks natural. Every face is different so where Miss A applies bronzer might not be the best place for you to contour.

6.   Lipstick – Sooo many lovely shades to try on, so little time!
Come closer for a great tip:  if you’re going for a matte look but can’t afford a proper matte lipstick then dab on a little white powder after applying your lipstick, your glossy lipstick instantly turns dry and gives a matte look that lasts hours and hours- all day really.

The Mac range of lipsticks carry a bit of a higher price tag but are oh-so-lovely, I am currently rocking and loving ‘lady danger’ by Mac- it’s fab!!
Do not use a brown liner to line your lips before filling in with your lipstick, leave that habit in the 70s where it belongs. Use lipliner that matches your lipstick or a nude brown shade.

7.   The greatest make up tip of them all : wear no make up at all – to bed.
Never ever sleep with a face full of make up. It takes it’s toll on your skin over time, the importance of letting your skin breathe cannot be over emphasized. Wash your face and moisturize before heading to bed. Exfoliation, scrubs, facials – do whatever works for you and keeps your face looking fresh as a baby’s bum.

Stay fabulous!


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