Yay! Liflblog is one today, I put up my first post on the 22nd of July 2014 and here we are a year later. I recall it like it was yesterday, I was giddy with excitement to see my own words jumping out at me on the internet, lol. Time does fly by in a blur.

I know I average 2-3 posts tops, on a good week but you know a girl has got to earn a living. My only ‘blogday’ (like a birthday, but for a blog) wish is for all the silent visitors to kindly drop a few comments from time to time, a song plays in my heart whenever I read your comments, Yes it’s that serious 🙂 like fuel in a generator, your words spur me on to do better.

My ‘blogyear’ (like a new year resolution but for a blog, hehehe) resolution is to aggressively jump into the Twitter fray and maybe that’ll help me garner more views and comments. For a blogger I am not very social (insert a knock on my boring head).

So how can I improve on this blog? I know there’s a lot more I could do, what would you like to see more of on here? I’ve to blog more frequently that’s for sure, so what else? A bit of gossip maybe? (not my speed but hey, I give the people what they want, right?) I’m open to suggestions.

Finally, I just want to say thank you to everyone that takes time out of their day to stop by, there are countless other things you could be doing with your time but you (consistently) choose to give me a bit of it, THANK YOU. I especially want to thank my fellow bloggers that take the time to encourage a sister by dropping such warm and  thoughtful  comments, even when I disappear for a while you still show up,  sometimes your words serve as the pick-me-up I need to hear, simple as they are. Bolatito of bolateethole.blogspot.com, Pamscrib, Chris,NSG, Omalicha that gave me my first guest posting experience and all the rest of you lovely people. I LOVE YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT, Thank you.

And my real birthday is just around the corner in August, anyone else born in August? I only know two other people that share my month, I think we are somewhat special, something of a rarity if you like, 🙂 feel free to argue the point.

Again, thank you all, you’re all gems of the rarest kind.


8 thoughts on “YAY! LIFE IS FOR LIVING IS ONE!

  1. First let me dance Azonto + Shakiti Bobo, my name was mentioned (y’all can see i give much needed encouragement – i should add this to my resume, hehehe…).

    Happy blogday Ify, May God continue to bless and beautify you and this blog for decades to come.

    The need for more content on your blog cannot be overstated. You’d need to improve greatly on that (As a visitor, on a slow day, i should be able to come to your blog to read a ton of previous posts). Set up a schedule and if wordpress permits let it automatically post pre-written articles of yours.

    Due to your content and blog purpose, your audience is limited (which is okay, everyone has to have their niche), hence you should look at novel means to attract your target audience. Comment on other blogs that have the potential audience you are looking for. When i mean comment, drop an intelligent comment related to the post and then a link to your blog. Also guest posting on other blogs with a link back to your blog would help you leverage on the wider platform that other blogs have built.

    Don’t underestimate the benefit of social media (twitter, facebook and the rest) but use it strategically to target likely audience.

    I hope these help? (it’s the least gift I could give for your blogday)


    • Thanks for the gift Chris, it’s my fav, heck, it was the only gift i got.
      About guestposting, i have guestposted twice on one blog only http://omalichaspeaks.blogspot.com and i try as much as i can to leave intelligent comments but i could step the commenting bit up a notch and about social media – let’s just say i need to work o it, thats my ‘blogday’ resolution, So help me God. Thanks Chris. Very insightful advice.


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