Funny Nigerian Proverbs


1.  A person who sells eggs should not start a fight in the market.

2.  A lion does not give birth to a sheep.

3.   The agama lizard that successfully jumped down from an iroko tree said, if no one praises it, it will praise itself.

4.   A fly that doesn’t listen to advice follows the corpse to the grave.

5.   You have the yam and you have the knife, if you do not give us a piece we will not eat.(heard this while watching ‘Things fall apart’ years back, in a scene where  Okonkwo (Pete Edochie) was blessing kolanut to share with his visitors.

6.   May God give us gèlé to enjoy in our youth. (not when Old age has bent our necks to the side)

My friend from Osun state told me about the gele proverb and I found it absolutely hilarious. I don’t know if i translated it accurately but it should be pretty close.

Happy Sunday everyone. I spent ages working on a ‘top 10 richest countries’ article and it disappeared into thin air while I was trying to post it, very painful indeed, lol. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I decided to put this up instead. Richest countries post coming soon.


8 thoughts on “Funny Nigerian Proverbs

    • I tell you, i sat in stunned silence for a long time and contemplated the unfairness of life …over a blogpost, lmho.
      Thank you Gloria, you are far too kind. Thank you.


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