I am a versatile blogger!


Hello lovelies, the weekend is waltzing in, yay! i hope you all had an amazing week, I had quite a week myself but I digress ….

So you see, Gloria, this lovely lady whose very entertaining blog ( see it here-  http://trendwithgloria.blogspot.com i recently stumbled upon, err well, it was more like she dropped a nice comment and I hurried over to check out her blog and reciprocate the kind gesture. Anyhoo, she was kind enough to nominate me for the versatile blogger award and in line with the rules I have to nominate 15 other bloggers who “bring something special to my life” with the quality of their writing, uniqueness of subjects covered, level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page and the quality of their photographs”.

So here are my nominees, Gloria already nominated a lot of the blogs I visit but I’ll still go ahead and pick them;


7 things about myself

1.  My name is Ifeoma (like you didn’t already know, lol) and I am from Enugu state.

2.   I am passionate about writing.

3.   I would like to be a motivational speaker    someday.

4.   I am a homebody.  i loveeee to stay home (its my favourite thing to do) and read a book, watch series or surf the internet, hanging out is like a huge chore to me.

5.    I would like to write a motivational book someday, oh and I’d also like to record a gospel rock album. Yep!

6.   My favourite colour is white.

7.   My philosophy on life is, be kind to everyone and touch as many lives as you can in the time you have on earth.

Gracias Gloria, you’re a gem.


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