It was my birthday on Tuesday and I had a blast! I received quite a few gifts, so that was fun 🙂 . Your birthday is a year away, you look forward to it and before you know it, it has come and gone and you have to wait a whole year for the next one, Haha.

Pet peeves … Not many things rub me the wrong way but I can say that the following behaviour can have me fuming;

* People that hang back for ages after church or an event chatting up and greeting the ‘whole world’.
(my mum is a great example) I’m like “wrap it up amigos and let’s head home”. I’m not really one for too much small talk or ‘sugary sweet friendliness’.

* People that mess up a room after I’ve spent ages tidying it up –
Everything has it’s place, how hard is it to wash one plate and spoon after eating? Are your eyes closed? I ask because we both know that’s not where that item goes, was that where you picked it from hmm?:O There’s a garbage bag sitting there for a reason, why on earth would you throw your trash on the floor right next to the garbage bag that’s just sitting there begging to be filled, I didn’t come to this world to clean up after you, your majesty!! *insert a thunderous thump on their coconut head*

And then there are the pet peeves that most people can’t stand; 

*rude people –  You help a colleague with a task or you drop something and I help you pick it up or I hand you a much needed tissue or whatever, the least you can do is say thank you. Did you forget your manners at home?

*inconsiderate people – need I explain?

*People that talk too Ioud on the phone –  Babe, I don’t want to know what your ‘toaster’ said or whether your container has landed, Mr Man.

*People that have no respect for personal space –  People that are too touchy-feely, like when a stranger taps your shoulder to get your attention – Use your mouth Mr, I have ears for a reason, I don’t know where your hands have been, plus you do not know me like that. 

*People that pick their nose in public and do not hesitate to extend that hand for a handshake later. Really?
There was this Sunday in church, a lady sitting behind my sister and I spent the whole of mass coughing into her hands and when it was time to shake hands (offer each other the sign of peace) we totally refused to turn back o, shared peace with everyone in front and to the left and right of us but turn back to ‘jam’ the babe’s extended hand? No sir, we didn’t.

*Driving too slow in the fast lane –  Are you asleep?

*Cutting lines – People that jump the queue and head straight to the front of the line like you’re Miss invisible. Hello pal, my time is just as important to me as yours is to you and I’m not standing here for the view. Fall back before I land you a backhand that will have you seeing stars. Nonsense and ingredients,  Mtcheww.

*Chewing with you mouth open and making noise like there’s a war going on in your mouth –  need I explain?

*stopping in the middle of a crowded hallway or stopping to gist with a friend on the stairs when you know the whole world is waiting behind you.
A lady right in front of me going down the stairs after mass today, stopped to gist with her friend who was heading up and they held up everyone but she had the good sense to apologize thereafter even though I didn’t complain. #Lord give me strength!

*Guys with their boxers hanging out  – Pull your jeans up dude, ain’t nobody wanna see your underwear * in Wendy William’s voice*  and guys growing ridiculously long beards – Are you the  genie from Aladdin and the forty thieves?

*people that are ALWAYS trying to borrow money – I am not a ‘zillionaire’ and I have a budget to stick to, manage your funds better and stop inconveniencing everyone.

*Roommates back in school that were NEVER done borrowing this and that –
Did you cook? Please give me food, gimme one pure water abeg, *announcing to the whole room* who has Milo? Please I need o. I beg you in the name of God, borrow me N1000 I will give you back next month. Can I use your lipstick? Please give me sugar, maggi, garri,  raw rice, sanitary pad … if they could borrow your name, your arms and legs, they would without blinking.

What are your pet peeves? I know you have some, don’t lie jor. Na joke I dey o. 🙂
Happy Sunday everyone.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday. God’s blessings for you today and always

    Pet Peeves – people that shout when they talking would also be effective, nose digging, peeps that disorganize my tidied stuff, peeps that cross major roads when there is the option of a pedestrian bridge, etc.


  2. I was excited abt dis post.lol
    Hope to do a post on hw my instructor saw me leaving with my shopping bag, and started shouting, ‘TF give us something!’ I ignore him to see if he’d receive sense; but no, he continued screaming, ‘sow a seed into this studio, give us one of the tissues u have there’. I was taken aback.#corporatebegging


    • I’m glad you liked my post Taurusian, gracias. Something similar happened to my sister and i just 2 weeks back. We were leaving our neighbourhood supermarket when someone we know walks by, we smile and greet her and next thing from across the road she repeatedly yells “you people should give me something o, you want to eat alone and she actually attempts to cross the road to us but we keep smiling and walking away. Whew! I was lost for words.


  3. I share most of your pet peeves and more Lol.
    Pet peeves- Over-complimenting/flattery. I find it very irritating. Loudness of any kind, especially when someone makes continuous smacking sounds. Generalizing. Speak for yourself! I have more sha Lol.


    • We could be one person, is your name Ify by any chance? lol. I hate over- complimenting, i find it sooo insincere and loudness really gets to me. Thanks for stopping by Sharon.


  4. I can relate with most of your pet peeves. Those who shout on the phone, those who obstruct movement on the hallway to gist, those that stay after service to gist. Choi I can’t deal.

    Happy belated birthday. We are both August born


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