It’s time for another round of “That awkward moment” and I’ll bet a pretty penny that you’ve been in at least one similar fix before, especially the ‘shoe opening mouth’ moment.

Like who hasn’t had a shoe misbehavior on the road when there’s not a cobbler in sight, right? I know it’s happened to me at least once, one time I tripped and actually had to stretch my arms out on the road to break my fall which would have been a thunderous face plant on the wet filthy road, I don’t recall if any straps got ripped out but I remember that the stones decorating my sandal fell off and I didn’t even notice early, so till this day that sandal has a big empty space where a stone should be. That fall was quite embarrassing.


1.  When the sole of your shoe ‘opens mouth’
and you’re miles away from  the nearest  cobbler.

2.   When you just ‘downloaded’ something awful smelling into the office toilet and you bump into the office loudmouth heading in there on your way out. Yikes!

3.  When you’re sneaking home from the office early because you think your boss is gone for the day, you run into ‘oga’ outside the building and he asks ” where are you going?”

Your turn …


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