If I could go back in time I would have some ‘pearls of wisdom’, handy advice for the ‘younger me.
I would tell the pre-teen me “enjoy these early years of your life where your worries are limited to going to school, getting  good grades and the likes and not much more, these my friend, are great years indeed – they will not last forever, enjoy them for turbulent times are ahead.

I would tell the ‘younger me ” (teenage- early twenties) Ify girl, things might not always go exactly how you planned but that’s alright, that’s life. You do not relent, you work at it and pray for the best, all the while keeping your chin up as best you can. Everything will fall into place and all the color will flow back into the world again.

Show the people you love how much they mean to you and do not expect everyone to behave a certain way or to live by the same principles as you.

Take time to thank the good Lord for ‘small blessings’ and don’t focus only on the things you haven’t achieved yet. Count your blessings and live your best life everyday, and in dark times always remember – God loves you and he will keep his promises, delay isn’t denial.
Live life and be HAPPY!

What would you say to the ‘younger you’ if you could go back in time ? Any words of advice?



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