Life is one teacher that never stops teaching, no retirement, no vacations, only lessons day in, day out till, well … till we’re ‘gone’ from the world! Here are more life lessons to refresh that memory of yours incase the lessons learned from bad experiences are fading away. 🙂 what’s that now? yes, I know I’m very helpful – I’ve been told countless times. 🙂



1. Forget what hurt you but never forget the lessons it taught you.

2.  Family is everything – whether you’re at your best or not they love you unconditionally, warts and all they love you real hard regardless.

3. In a nutshell ‘this’ too shall pass

4.  Never fear taking a chance on something you really want to do.

5. Stop waiting for the changes you want to magically happen – you have to be the catalyst.

6.  Failure is humbling.

7.  Stay away from people with entitlement syndrome –  they will never learn.

8.  Unexpected lessons are the hardest but make us the strongest.

9.  Learn to ride the waves of life, see the ups and downs as an adventure.

10.  Time heals almost everything, give time time.

So, what lessons have you learned lately? Please share.


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