I just read a ‘most embarrassing moments’ post – celebrity edition, on a blog and reading their experiences made me recall the absolute most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me, but in my defence, I was just following instructions šŸ™‚ you know I respect my elders. O:-)
So this fine day my cousin that would eat you out of house and home if you gave her a chance visited, She eats plate after plate after plate with short breaks in-between, till your pot is literally almost empty. No joke!

Seeing as there was not much in the pot that day a ‘family member’ told me to hide the pot soon after she arrived. So IĀ  carried the pot to my room and hid it under the bed – it seemed a great hiding spot at the time.
Anyway, I felt hungry after a while and hurried to the pot with the intention of quickly eating a little, next thing I know, my door flies open and she catches me with my hand right on the pot, dragging it out from under the bed with my plate and spoon beside me, Time froze as we stared at each other for a moment, she left my room without saying a word and proceeded to my mum’s room to chat with her before leaving, I was so embarrassed I didn’t leave my room till she had gone home and then i threw a huge tantrum, warning my ‘instructor’ never to include me in any future schemes and to do her own dirty work herself. My mum was laughing her head off the whole time. I still cringe when I recall that day and I picture my cousin calling all my extended family members home and abroad to tell them my crime. I felt like throwing up that whole day and couldn’t look her in the eye for a long time. Lord!! :-!
It was terrible, nwanem.

Your turn, don’t be shy!:-)



  1. Eons ago, actually at the beginning of my diploma days in UNILAG, I got a nice blue-stripped silk shirt and pair of soft corduroy trousers from my uncle abroad and I felt elated that when I got to school all decked up in my ‘nice’ outfit, I was gonna catch the eye of everybody, little did I know that fate has conspired a different plot for me. Getting to Yaba bus stop, I remember being approached by a gentleman telling me that my trousers was torn behind and that ‘untuckening’ my shirt might help cover the gaping hole. I heeded his request, still resolute that I was gonna make the best dressed in my class for the day. As time went by, I noticed that I had greater air flow to my thighs than usual but silly me couldn’t connect the dot of the possibility of the gaping hole being widened. Grateful to a classmate that brought it to my attention and thus I was confined to the rearmost sit in the lecture hall. I couldn’t even finish the morning lecture because I had to ensure I left school before the rush hour. I remember walking down to the bus park and I caught the eyes of some passerby for the blunder in my appearance. I guess I had my wish, albeit in the wrongest manner. Clumsy me didn’t even think to buy another pair of trousers on the way home. I remember that I had to walk the last distance home in my boxer shorts because I continually got being stared upon as though I was mad in my torn ‘American’ pair of trousers. And yes, my perception of foreign cloths was greatly modified due to this experience.


    • Greater air flow than usual and at your perception of american clothes being greatly modified…lmho. you must have been traumatized for daysss. šŸ˜€ this was hilarious, thanks Chris.


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