Almost as embarrassing were the times I fell in the gutter twice in primary school.
One evening I followed my aunt to a house four houses away from mine and while she was standing outside talking to whoever she came to see, I decided to occupy myself with spinning around and around. Remember that game where you spin yourself around till you get dizzy – yes, that one. Genius that I was, I chose a spot by the very dirty gutter to do my spinning, My aunt warned me to stop o, that I would fall in the gutter but what did she know? Make she park well jare! B-)

So there I was spinning and next thing I know  I was floating in the air – there was no ground under my feet, that was how I found myself in the gutter o, brethrens, they plucked me out and hosed me down and then we commenced the short journey home with my aunt berating me the whole time and every kid in my street witnessing my shame, Kai. It was a bad day nwanem! 😥

The second gutter episode was no fault of mine.
So there I was walking home after a long school day with my sister, we were just a few steps away from school, looking clean and fine with my nice uniform, school bag and all, minding my business when one son of the devil – well, he was only a kid like me, running to god-knows-where runs into my and knocks me into the gutter. The most annoying part was that the evil little monster just yelled “sorry” over his  shoulder and DIDN’T STOP!

My sister was confused and didn’t know whether to chase after the evil little devil of a boy or to help me out of the gutter. Trust kids, everyone paused their journey home to stare at me like I was an exhibit at the museum. My sister with the help of one lady cleaned me up as best they could and we continued the journey home with me in my wet uniform, wet shoes and school bag. It was terrible!:'(

If I were to run into that misfortunate boy today, I would still land him a headspinner of a slap on his insensitive face *breathing hard in anger .*:O:O

I like to think that almost everyone has a gutter story to tell (make e nor be only me, biko) So, don’t be shy, tell me everything!:-D


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