Hello good people, Tis Christmas again and I am sooo excited, here’s why;

You know how people mischievously joke every year that Lagos becomes nearly deserted when the igbos travel to their villages in December? Yeah, I know.


1. Travelling: I get to visit the east/my village (Nsukka, Enugu state) and the experience is always plenty of fun. There’s so much to see along the way on the long trip from Lagos to the east,  In the village you see relatives you haven’t seen in ages and they spoil you with all manner of delicacies and fruits, yum, yum!
There’s just this general good cheer and all round excitement and  you might get to see a masquerade or two.

2. The Christmas carols

Catholic carols are legendary the world over for how captivating and enchanting they are, I have a friend who has been asking me for a week when the Christmas carol is holding at my church, he really wants to come- same as last year. It’s like listening to a choir of angels serenading you if you’ve got a ‘tight’ choir in your church.


3. The FOOD! : Need I explain? You get to eat till your belly sticks out a mile. From fufu to pounded yam, Okpa, abacha, ukwa, otipi, achicha, ugba, roasted yam, corn and the likes, to fruits,  food just keeps coming from every direction like a tap that cannot be turned off, Nom, nom!


4. Lounging express: It’s the norm to assist my mum when she is cooking up a storm at home but in the village I will not be expected to even boil water, hehehe, did somebody say easy street? I agree.:-)


5. Cross over vigil mass: Once you get past the sleepiness, vigil mass is great, Just starting your year in God’s house is something I enjoy and look forward to and the church is always packed to overflowing. There’s people standing in every corner like they came out of the woodwork and you wonder where they have been all year. o_O

6. The promise of a new year, a fresh start and endless possibilities for great new adventures and achievements is another thing to look forward to. The new year is a fresh opportunity to reconnect with God, rededicate yourself to him and to just live your best life. It’s a time to take charge of our lives anew and march forth boldly to achieve new heights. Hallelujah!!!

What are the things you love about the season?





Happy new month everyone! Christmas is  here again, I still remember quite clearly everything I did on Christmas day in 2014 like it was yesterday, I remember that I had to do all the cooking for Christmas and new year because half my family was away on holiday and it was just my brother and I at home so I played mum and cooked up a storm, you know I nailed it B-). Maybe I should audition for top chef next year, haha.

So how did your year go? If you got everything you wanted I say congratulations, and if you didn’t, don’t lose hope because the good Lord is working it out!
John 5 vs 17
“My father is always at His work to this very day, and I, too, am working”.

It was quite a year for me, the challenges made me stronger and I have grown in more ways than one especially in my relationship with God. What were the high points of your year? How did you get past the challenges? Please share, I am all ears eyes. 😀

Welcome December, we love you, So please be kind. ❤