Happy new month everyone! Christmas is  here again, I still remember quite clearly everything I did on Christmas day in 2014 like it was yesterday, I remember that I had to do all the cooking for Christmas and new year because half my family was away on holiday and it was just my brother and I at home so I played mum and cooked up a storm, you know I nailed it B-). Maybe I should audition for top chef next year, haha.

So how did your year go? If you got everything you wanted I say congratulations, and if you didn’t, don’t lose hope because the good Lord is working it out!
John 5 vs 17
“My father is always at His work to this very day, and I, too, am working”.

It was quite a year for me, the challenges made me stronger and I have grown in more ways than one especially in my relationship with God. What were the high points of your year? How did you get past the challenges? Please share, I am all ears eyes. 😀

Welcome December, we love you, So please be kind. ❤



  1. Happy New Month Ify and fellow blog readers. May God’s grace, favor, blessings and mercies never be far from all that concerns us. Had too many low points in the year but hey I’m still alive. Here’s to better days ahead.


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