Hello fine folks, yes, yes, I have been gone for a bit, but I missed you all every single day :-), I truly did.

Sooo, Today (well yesterday, Since it’s past midnight now) was ENUGU DAY and it was celebrated at the national stadium, Surulere, and seeing as it’s quite close to where I live and I am from Enugu, I decided to tag along for the view, and boy! what a view it turned out to be!






There were dozens of colorful masquerades dancing, jumping in the air, gyrating, stamping their feet and executing all manner of fantastic ‘gymnastics’. The various age grade groups and town unions were not to be outdone and put on an equally energetic display indeed!

There were all sorts of eastern delicacies, yum, yum!
It was such a rich and colorful display of the beautiful igbo culture unrivaled by any I had ever seen before, a rich fusion of food, dance, music and traditional attires and you could feel the deep pride the good people of Enugu take in their beautiful culture. It really was a fun event.

I heard most of the masquerades and some of their followers came all the way from the east. Such effort!





The Enugu state governor was ably represented by the commissioner for rural development.
It was fun to see ‘kinsmen’ who kept telling me “you’re now a big girl”, since they last saw me years ago.
I took plenty of pictures so I have  put up a few, forgive the quality as most of them were taken from a distance with my phone.



I will be sure to take my children to this event someday.
Ndi Enugu kwenu ooo!! E kelem unu. ūüôā








It’s hallelujah Tuesday! The life of a Christian is really about carrying our cross and following God so struggles and¬† challenges along the way really are a part of life and no surprise BUT seeing as we are only human, Our feet sometimes, grow weary on the journey of life,¬†our resolve waivers and our spirits need renewing.

What better way  to get a little pick-me-up than turning to the promises of our creator? Our strength and shield whose promises are unchanging and in whom our spirits find rest from worldly woes. In Him we find strength to persevere and carry on the journey of life.  Glory!!! 
Here are some of my favorite spirit-renewing bible verses.

John 16 vs 33
In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.

Psalm 121 vs 3
He will not let your foot slip, He who watches over you will not slumber.

John 16 vs 23
My father will give you whatever you ask in my name.

Psalm 91 vs 7
A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you.

Psalm 91 vs 4
He will cover you with his feathers and under His wings you will find refuge, His faithfulness will be your shield and your rampart.

John 5 vs 17
“My father is always at His work to this very day, and I, too, am working”.

Psalm 91 vs 14
Because he loves me, “says the Lord, “i will rescue him, I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation”.

Psalm 91:  11-12
He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways ; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike you foot against a stone.

Psalm 40 vs 17
Yet I am poor and needy, May the Lord think of me. You are my help and deliverer; O my God, do not delay.

I would love to read some of yours.:-)



Hello good friends, I hope you rocked the holidays. How do you stay positive when slammed with the challenges and ‘lows’ that are a part of life? Chip in a tip or two below please.

1.¬† Spend time with people that make you happy and help take your mind off worries –

Life can seem like a lot to take in sometimes, It really can get a little overwhelming. It’s times like these that you need a good friend by your side, cheering you on and encouraging you along the way. That friend that’s a laugh and a half, that can help turn any sour mood around and bring a different perspective to a seemingly bleak situation, that friend you can always turn to for a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear, some hard truths – tough love style and good advice when you need it.

2.¬† Do the things that cheer you up – I personally like to watch TV series (seasonal shows) and read a lot – books, magazines, newspapers, articles on the internet, blog posts – everything really. Writing is also therapeutic for me. If you’re not a voracious reader you could go see a movie at the cinema, clear your head at the beach, go clubbing , whatever works for you – just live!

3. Make a move – It is too easy to sit and brood over what could have been, Sadness is often linked to dissatisfaction with one’s life, often the feeling of disappointment lingers over shelved dreams – make an effort to achieve that dream, even if it means starting small and watch your spirit lift.

4. Stay positive Рsurround yourself with only friends and family members that recognize how truly awesome you are and encourage you every step of the way on the road  to maximising your potential and achieving your dreams. Do not forget to be there for them when they need you too. In life we have to give as good as we get.

5. Take it to the good Lord – Calling on God and tabling your challenges before him never gets old, hand over every issue, big and small alike to him and feel peace wash over you.

6. Live your best life – Have fun and be happy, help people when you can – the satisfaction that comes with making life a little better for someone else is great. Make an effort everyday to grow in every area of your life – grow, grow, grow! Life is too short to sit in a corner twiddling your thumbs – live, love and grow – BE HAPPY!



Happy holidays everyone and a joyful Eid-ul-Adha to all Muslims. I hope you all had plenty of fun and rest, I lay in bed watching Rome all day – a fantastic show if I ever saw one. I am a series girl lately, from tyrant to Game of thrones, devious maids, fresh off the boat, orange is the new black and the likes, I am loving them all. Laying in bed and munching on something delicious while watching a show is my favorite thing in the world to do. Yes, It doesn’t take much to keep me entertained. ūüôā

Did you have a good day? How many doors did you knock on for meat today? Na joke I dey joke o! Looking forward to the rest of the holidays. Eat well, rest and be happy for it’s a four- day weekend! Yay.




Whenever I am feeling down I turn to my bible to remind myself about all the rich promises of the good Lord and my spirit is renewed for I know that the Lord’s compensation for all that the locust has stolen from me is at hand and I shall be triumphant, hallelujah!

No matter what the dark cloud looming over your life is, keep in mind that millions have gone through that exact situation and come out victorious. Even the darkest of clouds eventually give way to sunshine.

With prayer, faith and good works I persevere and wait upon the Lord for I know his promises of protection and provision are unchanging.
I am so excited and expectant and you should be too for “my father Is always at his work to this very day”… John 5:17.




There are some hard and fast rules to live by if you’re going to be able to set aside a substantial amount of money for the proverbial ‘rainy day’, for retirement, major projects like building or buying a house, education, rent, travel, investments and asset acquisition and some of life’s other necessities and luxuries alike.
Like many good things achieving a modest amount of financial security requires discipline and planning.

I find that a surprisingly large number of people who have been working for several years complain that they have barely been able to put a penny away in the bank or bury a reasonable amount aside in assets or investments, Isn’t it a sad thought that one can work for many years and not be able to boast of a respectable amount stashed away for retirement? Life should be easier!

A lot of people argue that seeing as they do not earn a lot it makes perfect sense that saving anything  is close to impossible, well I think one can set aside a little money even from the most meagre of  pay cheques.
Below are outlined a few practical tips that will have you smiling and giving yourself a pat on the back in the near future at what you have been able to set aside for the future :

1.¬† YOU are number ONE: Pay yourself FIRST rather than last, it would be easy to argue “Oh, I have bills falling out of my nose and so on, designate a certain amount of your pay cheque as your ‘reward’ for earning that money and keep that amount aside religiously every month, contrary to what you might think, your family will not starve, the bills will be paid, the world will not end – try it, pay number one first – in the words of the weeknd “you earned it”, you know you deserve it!

2.  Have a spending plan : Do you wing it every month and just pay the bills as they come? Stop! Map out a spending plan today, organizing your spending will do you a world of good, write down every single thing you buy or pay for every month , including money sent to family, medical bills, expenses on entertainment, food, travel and so on. Seeing where  your money goes written in black and white will give you a jolt and will be the wake up call you need to cut back on expenses you really can do without. Keep luxuries to a minimum if you do not earn a lot. Itemize your spending in order of importance and try to cancel or cut back on an item or two as you go down the list, this will happen closer to the bottom of said list probably in the  vicinity of money spent on phone and internet bills,  entertainment, junk food and the likes.

3.¬† Stay away from impulse buying – Ah, yes. If there’s anyone not guilty of buying items on a whim from time to time, I would like to meet that person and shake their hand, You know that item you have rotting away in the back of your closet or sitting idle in a corner of the house? It could be home appliances, furniture, clothes, anything, but they all have one thing in common – you beat yourself up mentally and ask “what on earth was I thinking when I bought this?” We’ve all been there, but never again! When you’re seized with the urge of make a major purchase on a whim, pause and whisper over and over to yourself the sum total your bank balance will come to if you channel that money to your month savings instead ( like so -1.2 million certainly sounds better than the 1 million you will be left with If you make that impulse purchase of a N200, 000 item, the ‘healthy’ jump in your bank balance will give you the courage you need to resist ‘temptation’ and keep you cautious in your spending. Just keep whispering that sum total to yourself until your legs have carried you safely away from the ‘temptation’.¬† Good bye forever, impulse purchases!

4.¬† Do not be Mr ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ – sometimes you have to spend money to save yourself from avoidable future expenses, what do I mean? Buy quality items ALWAYS, do not gain momentary relief by cutting corners only to end up paying through your nose in the near future. When making major purchases like¬† home appliances, automobiles, furniture, electronics, clothes -everything really, buy durable and quality items that will save you money in the longrun rather than going for cheaper and not-so-durable options that will have you spending a ton on maintenance, repairs and replacements. I am Miss penny AND pound wise, which are you?

5.  You could also save money on every day items you pay for without a thought, spending between N300 РN1500 on lunch at work everyday might not seem like a lot but add up that sum for a week, a month, then a year and you will be amazed at what it comes to, wake up early at least twice a week and make lunch for work, cut down on drinks and junk food, hitch a ride home with a colleague or a friend instead, cut down on phone and internet bills, etc and you will be saving a ton of money on junk food, transportation, entertainment and so on.

Go ahead and make that  money-saving move today, Invest wisely and secure your future РYou deserve it!


1.¬† When your colleague ferries you to and from work daily and when it’s time to buy gas you ‘face front’ like say na ‘thank you’ dey fuel the car ?

2. When you steal someone else’s idea or take credit for their work and leave them high and dry?

3. When you borrow money and time to pay back comes around but you don’t say a word and keep looking the person in the eye everyday like nothing happened, acting like you forgot? Onigbese, how do you sleep at night?

4. When you always wait for your colleague to pay your bus fare home every single day? Osho free, how do you sleep at night?

5. When you join your colleague in eating their lunch daily and you can sense that they are left half-hungry everyday but do not know how to ask you to stop? Long throat, how do you sleep at night?

Your turn …