Carrying On



Rising above pain, loss, grief, failure, betrayal, anger, depression, defeat…rising above any and all of it can be an uphill task, time & again I see people go through experiences so harrowing, so seemingly final that you wonder how they are ever going to come back from it, but they do, they place one foot infront of the other and they carry on.

No matter the finality of the situation you are striving to rise above, you are not alone, countless people have come back stronger from that exact same situation.
Are you walking around with a scar on your heart? Well, scars fade, wounds heal and time is a soothing balm.

No matter what we go through the World never stops, people keep living, dying, loving, hating, hurting and healing, giving and taking…growing. they never stop, life never stops, you shouldn’t too. Every day we must place one foot infront of the other and move forward. It might take a while but the color will return to your world, the shine to your eyes, the glow to your smile and the spring to your step. The song will play in your heart again and the weight will lift.

Everyday people lose something- people lose children, soulmates, jobs, prized possessions that took a lifetime to accumulate, gone in the blink of an eye, people struggle with debilitating diseases… people hurt! Sometimes we even sit in a corner and moan and whimper for a while but we carry on through the pain. There is nothing so final that your life ends, it might pause but it never stops, you never stop.

Recently, for a while, I thought I was going to get something I really wanted but it fell through, it hurt but life carried on, I carried on, I couldn’t stop because I was not done. Life is never really done until it’s done, there’s always a chance for tomorrow.

Your light may dim for a while but it never goes out. It will shine again, this time brighter than ever and you will win!


8 thoughts on “Carrying On

  1. Sorry about your dashed hopes and expectations. I too have mine but I believe the beauty of living is the ability to rise when we fail. Like a friend once remarked, fall down seven times, get up eight. We only get beaten when we concede defeat and as long as we draw breath, we have another opportunity to rise above our past failures.

    I pray God gives you the strength to carry on and bless you bountifully past your imaginations, plans and expectations.


    • Fall down seven times, get up eight…I like that, I’ll keep that for myself. I always carry on Chris, the good Lord always gives me the strength to place one foot in front of the other and keep it moving! Howdy? Thanks for always stopping by, I appreciate your effort.


  2. “Life is never done until it is done.” “people lose something everyday” I had a Similar experience today. I had to let go of something really nice. It feels scary. But then again, Life Goes on. No stopping until we get to the finish line. Yes!


    • It happens to the best of us, we just have to keep reminding ourselves that we are made of stronger stuff than that. No way are we letting temporary setbacks hold us down. Thanks for stopping by Amaka.


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