That Awkward Moment …


1.  That awkward moment when you take out your weave at the salon and you feel the eyes staring at your ‘gone but will be back soon’/ iyamileko hairline.

2. That awkward moment when you reach for your purse to pay the bus conductor and discover you left your money at home.

3.  That awkward moment when you’ve just told your talkative neighbor your mum is not home and she comes strolling out of her room.

4.  That awkward moment when you throw on your nice sleeveless dress and rush off to church and only remember you forgot to shave your armpits when it’s time to wave unto the Lord.

5.  That awkward moment when the message of the day centres  around that sin you keep committing and you feel as if everyone in church knows and is starring at you.

Your turn …


4 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment …

  1. lol!, I just stumbled on your blog. I like it.
    so here’s my akward moment; when you thought your fart was going to come out silent but it ended up sounding like a bomb..


    • Yikes! That’s a real awkward moment right there. But there’s more to fear from the silent farts that smell so bad even your clothes take on a funny smell.hehehe. thanks for stopping by,off I go to check out your blog.


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